Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court

Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court

January 31, 2017

Tonight, President Trump has announced his nominee for the Supreme Court seat vacated by the late Justice Antonin Scalia: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Neil Gorsuch.  Judge Gorsuch was one of the names included in the list of 21 possible nominees collaboratively put together between the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society.


A judge on the court for just over ten years, Judge Gorsuch has a reputation as a textualist and an originalist.  He is someone who understands that the role of a judge is to apply the plain meaning of the law to the cases before him and not to legislate from the bench by imposing his own personal views.  The law has a fixed meaning and if change is required that change should come from the people or their elected officials, not unelected unaccountable judges.


American Encore stands for limited constitutional government, free speech as protected by the First Amendment, and an admiration of the country’s founding principles.  It is for those reasons that American Encore supports the nomination of Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.  He will be a worthy successor to Justice Scalia and a champion of the rule of law and the nation’s constitutional order.

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