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Economic freedom is what unleashes the ingenuity of the American spirit to strive to grow and prosper. Government has stifled this ingenuity through regulation, cronyism, protectionism and high taxes.  We believe there are key policy changes that will allow all Americans to enjoy greater prosperity.  These include: replacing Obamacare, promoting American energy production, eliminating cronyism through subsidies and tax loopholes, and reducing the overall regulatory burden on small businesses.

American Encore is excited to present Blueprint for 2015: Setting the Stage for the Next Session. This policy document is a comprehensive assessment of the state of federal economic policy across six key categories, broken up into chapters in Blueprint , covering Jobs, Federal Spending, Regulation...
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Arizona Economic Freedom Act

December 18, 2019
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American Encore has proudly joined a coalition of over 50 other organizations in a call for Congress to utilize its power under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to repeal the burdensome regulations passed in the last days of the Obama administration. Because the act empowers Congress to repeal...
Many governmental policies have wide-ranging implications, but few touch literally everything in the way that energy does. When the price of energy rises it pushes up the cost of everything in the economy from apples to automobiles. All goods have an energy cost associated with production, that...


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