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America's destiny depends on the advocacy of its citizenry to defend and promote the ideals that made America the greatest nation in history. American Encore is dedicated to helping our nation and its leaders rise to the test and to confront these challenges. We will defend freedom; promote free markets; work to expand economic opportunity and make the case for the American ideals of liberty and democracy, both at home and abroad.

American Encore is excited to present Blueprint for 2015: Setting the Stage for the Next Session. This policy document is a comprehensive assessment of the state of federal economic policy across six key categories, broken up into chapters in Blueprint , covering Jobs, Federal Spending, Regulation...

70,000 Pages

September 7, 2017
With shocking developments involving the weather, DACA, and statues, the media doesn’t have much interest in covering anything else. Fortunately, tax reform is breaking through and getting some much-needed attention. The current tax code is more than 70,000 pages long and costs our economy hundreds...

Can Congress Count?

July 24, 2017
Do members of Congress think they have less than 50 employees? They must, since Congress is considered a “small business” when it comes to healthcare. That’s right, even though it has thousands of employees Congress is exempt from the job-killing ObamaCare rules and regulations pushed on every...

Uh-0 & 4

June 23, 2017
We all know Democrats have lost every special election since Donald Trump took office. Now that things have had a chance to sink in, it’s important to look at why. Right off the bat was Kansas 04, the House of Representatives seat formerly held by CIA Director Mike Pompeo. The Republican candidate...


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