Death Tax Repeal Passes the House: Time for the Senate to Act

Death Tax Repeal Passes the House: Time for the Senate to Act

April 16, 2015

By: Patrick Hedger, Policy Director-American Encore

The Death Tax imposes a 40 percent tax on all the assets of a person upon their death. This is not a cash tax. It taxes the property and businesses someone has built throughout their entire life. Thus, this policy ends up destroying small businesses, the precious engines of entrepreneurship and innovation in our economy.

The good news is that the House of Representatives passed a repeal of the Death Tax today, HR 1105, by a margin of 240-179. Seven Democrats joined their Republican colleagues to kill one of the most destructive and certainly the most immoral policy on the books. 

Now it is time for the Senate to act. In Blueprint for 2015: Setting the Stage for the Next Session, American Encore sought to identify common sense policy changes that could easily pass the Republican-controlled House, and in many cases already have passed, and highlight them to be passed in the newly Republican-controlled Senate. Repealing the Death Tax is one of these policies. Click here to urge the Senate to bring their version of HR 1105, S 860, to a vote and to vote YES for it. 

Click here to learn more about the Death Tax and why it must be repealed.

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